Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Can Kissing Cause Headaches or Heartburn?

On this site I have covered many entertaining topics and a few new questions have arisen this week and I spent several hours trying to find answers to prove if kissing causing headaches or heartburn was a myth. I quickly found that kissing can’t cause headaches or heartburn and I will show you the reasons why.

Kissing has nothing to do with headaches, if you are suffering from headaches then it is possible that you were sick before you kissed someone. Kissing could potentially spread the flu which could then lead to headaches however kissing can’t directly lead to the problem. Heartburn is usually caused by consuming foods or many other health factors and these vary across different people. It is highly unlikely that kissing can cause heartburn unless the exercise is so rigorous to your body that it can be classified as stressful.

So while kissing can indirectly cause heartburn or headaches, it can’t directly be the sole cause. It could potentially transfer illness that can cause this, however it is highly unlikely to be the main cause of your condition. Once again I will emphasize that I am a blogger and I research these topics over several hours after questions and comments are left for me to answer with blog posts. What I am trying to say is that I am an amateur writer, however my research is done with the intention to help those who read this. Importantly if you have a bad headache or suffer from heartburn then you need to see your local medical professional right away or go to a local hospital. Health problems shouldn’t be left and any concerns you have should be dealt with as soon as you can, by a professional.

Thursday, 26 December 2013

Can kissing a smoker make you sick? Cigarette smoking and kissing.

Another commonly asked question for me is whether kissing someone who has smoked cigars or cigarettes can make you sick. This isn’t a silly question as kissing someone who has been smoking can be unappealing due to the smell and you make think this can cause you problems. It actually shouldn’t be any different to kissing someone who hasn’t been smoking. If they are sick they can pass on an illness to you, however smoking has nothing to do with what you receive. 

You may taste nicotine or something else unpleasant however it won’t actually transfer anything else. Whether the person you are kissing is a smoker or not a smoker at all, it won’t be any different. Whether you catch something or not will come down to whether that person is sick or is carrying infection. This should be pretty obvious if someone has something very bad they should let you know first and if the person you are about to kiss has cold sores, then try avoid kissing them. I also believe french kissing is a lot worse than normal lip kissing since a lot more of saliva is transferred.

It all comes down to the saliva being transferred and just be careful with who you are kissing. If you trust the person then go for it but if you are worried then maybe try avoid kissing them. Everything comes down to your decision making. Often it is best to be safe so you don’t catch anything. My personal advice is to avoid someone with cold sores, a bad cough or someone who tells you they have recently been sick. Once again i hope this post helps you, please read through the other posts as we go over many interesting topics. I wish you the best of health and a great christmas and a happy new year.

Saturday, 23 November 2013

Does French Kissing Have More Dangers and Risks then Sharing Drinks

This post will compare what has the greater risk between french kissing and sharing drinks with others. Both involve the transfer of saliva, however one is far more risky than the other. When sharing drinks it is common to catch something, especially illnesses such as influenza or possibly cold sores. However the amount of saliva transferred is much more from french kissing.

When comparing french kissing which involves using the tongue to kiss, to simple lip kissing, french kissing is far more risky. French kissing is more risky because it involves a larger amount of saliva being passed from one person to another. The more saliva passed increases the risk of transferring illnesses. As for lip kissing there is little saliva passed so it is unlikely to catch an illness, however it can still happen, the chances are just remotely less.

The safest thing to do is to avoid french kissing new people, as you don’t know what they have or have had in the past. Try only kiss someone that you know a lot about, this is much more safer. It is best to get in a relationship first and then move to kissing after that. By kissing randoms or going out and kissing multiple people in one night, your risk factor of contracting an illness is much higher. Also avoid sharing drinks, as this is another major risk factor and everyone I know has gotten sick from this at one time in their life.

Using common sense when kissing and avoiding sharing drinks will hold your health in good stead. If you are sharing bottles, make sure you wash the bottle thoroughly in hot water if you use it after someone else has used it. This will help get rid of bacteria which is dangerous and a sick person usually has large amounts of bacteria in their saliva.

I wish you the best of health, make sure you read more through this site as we have many great posts about what kissing can lead to and how you can avoid this. These questions are all common so we aim to help people with information that has taken me hours of research to complete. I hope your health is well and I also hope you find this site useful.

Thursday, 14 November 2013

The most common way to spread the flu quickly is through kissing!

For those who have the influenza virus, high levels of bacteria will be prevalent in their throat. By kissing a non-infected person, you are transferring high levels of bacteria to that persons throat and mouth. The passing of the flu can be nearly instant through kissing. So the overall advice is if a person you want to kiss has symptoms of the flu such as blocked nose or a sore throat then be smart and avoid kissing that person until their symptoms have gone.

Similar to strep throat, the flu takes sometimes a matter of minutes to be transferred. It can be transferred through a small, quick kiss. Influenza often lasts a few days however it can be serious in some cases so take care.

This site aims to inform people about different research findings on what kissing can transfer. As you can see through other blog posts we cancel out myths and also agree with some findings about how the flu, strep throat and other illnesses and diseases can be spread. We also inform readers about what can’t be spread through kissing and we include the differences between french kissing and dry kissing.

So the flu can easily be transferred through kissing and avoid kissing if the person is sick. Also check out other posts, as we mentioned we think you will find them very useful. We hope this information helps provide the explanation you were looking for. Please provide any feedback on how we can further improve this website for your reading pleasure.

Cancer Caused by Kissing? Can you get cancer from Kissing ?

While this may sound like a silly post, it is a common question. Cancer is virtually impossible to spread through kissing. In fact cancer is nearly impossible to spread at all. Cancer is highly complex and there is many different forms however it has not been known to be passed on from person to person. It is destined by an individuals genetics and make up.

Cancer is related to cell counts of white and red blood registries. Regardless of how bad a person’s cancer is, kissing another person will have no affect at all. Fortunately treatment is improving vastly each year and despite being an imminent death sentence decades ago, cancer patients are now given a substantial chance of survival. However rare forms of cancer remain very difficult to beat.

So don’t worry about cancer being spread by kissing. All scientific research has proven that it can’t be transferred through saliva, or by anything from person to person. If you have spare time read some more posts on this blog we go over many common questions regarding what kissing can cause. Some illnesses and diseases can be transferred through kissing and we go over this in many other posts. So enjoy your time on the blog and we hope it helps you. I wish you the best of health.

Meningitis, Thrush or Hep C from Kissing? Can this be caused?

Meningitis is a bacteria based infection and it has two main types known as viral meningitis and bacterial meningitis. Bacterial meningitis has widely been assumed to be transferred through kissing. With most bacteria related illnesses, the transfer of saliva often contains substantial amounts of bacteria and therefore can be a transfer.

Over five million people in the United States currently have the common hepatitis C and i must emphasize that their is conflicting findings in relation to this. Sharing personal equipment such as toothbrushes and razors has been known to spread hepatitis C. However when it comes to kissing it is so far unproven that this can lead to the transfer of Hepatitis C. However with so many conflicting reports and findings i request that you do some further research across the internet.

As mentioned before a lot of these subjects have mixed findings, so it is important to do more research. From the recent two hours of study i have given to this topic, it seems that there has been some cases where oral thrush has been passed on through kissing, however it is rare. Non-oral forms of thrush are virtually impossible to pass on through kissing, usually a person is susceptible to thrush if they have a weak immune system.

The three subjects I have provided explanations for above are complex and new studies are being released each week. So do some more research on these topics for some more definitive summaries. Also check out the rest of this site as we have a lot of great information on popular topics in relation to kissing.

Can you get Chlamydia by Kissing? Can Saliva from Kissing Cause Chlamydia?

Chlamydia can’t be passed from kissing to kissing. Chlamydia can only be paused by vaginal sex, oral sex or anal sex. The numbers of youths in the modern world who have reported cases of chlamydia has risen quickly over the past decade. There are a series of myths that come with the potential transfer of chlamydia and we will go over these in this post.

The first thing is chlamydia can’t be transferred through kissing, regardless if the kissing involves the use of tongues or just dry kissing techniques. Using dirty toilet seats or sharing cutlery such as knifes or forks can’t transfer chlamydia either. Symptoms of chlamydia usually appear within a few weeks.

As usual i advise you that I am not a medical professional, i simply spend a few hours researching these topics to provide you with useful and i hope helpful information. If you are concerned that the person you kissed on the weekend has chlamydia and you might not have it, don’t worry to much as this is virtually impossible.

Chlaymdia can easily be transferred through unprotected sex, so i know its not the same subject as the causes of kissing, but please wear protection and take care. Chlamydia numbers are rising and the only solution it seems is through safe sex. Do more research on this if you have any further concerns, because out of all the subjects I have covered, this seems to have a bunch of differing opinions.